The Artwork Of your Particular Essay

The Artwork In the Personal Essay

The particular essay (also called a inventive nonfiction essay or perhaps a narrative nonfiction essay) is often a really marketable bit of creating. Individual essays are printed regularly in literary journals and in many cases industrial journals.

Personal essays undoubtedly are a refreshing adjust from their stuffy cousin, the formal essay, since the own essay is simply that?-?own. It?s extra chatty and helpful. You are speaking directly to your reader about everything with the loss of life of the guardian to some minute of splendor inside your yard. What exactly is a great subject matter for a personal essay?

From life-changing events to life?s mundane moments, anything might be fodder for an essay. But here?s the catch. In a personal essay, you have to offer you a theme that a broader viewers can relate to. Regardless of whether it?s the present condition on the country or an epiphany attained whilst washing filthy socks, when your viewers are nodding their heads and muttering, ?Yeah, I understand whatever you signify,? you have reached them. Who publishes private essays? Private essays are published in literary publications, nationwide journals, trade journals, nearby and countrywide newspapers, and anthologies, plus they provide a terrific chance for writers. And site posts will often be written as essay-like prose. When the entries are attention-grabbing, concise, and well-written, having a somewhat universal theme, a set of non-public essays is born.


Increasing rates of teenage pregnancy a deep concern -Education Director

image5-300x300The District Director of Education in the West Mamprusi District in the Northern Region, Hajia Mase Sulemana has appealed to the District Chief Executive for the area to institute, what she called, a very vibrant District Education Oversight Committee (DEOC) to deal with falling standards of education in the district.

The director’s appeal was occasioned by the worrying phenomenon that is crippling the efforts of stakeholders in education at ensuring that future leaders, particularly females are educated.

Hajia Sulemana, who was explaining the worrying situation to a crowd of people at the forecourt of the West Mamprusi District Assembly at a day’s stakeholder’s VSO-ISODEC durbar said, most female candidates for this year’s West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) are pregnant.

She explained that most parents reneged on their responsibilities and have left the girls to men in the area to take care of them.

These men, Hajia Sulemana said, fear losing the girls after they complete school and deliberately decided to impregnate them. “I visited some exam centers in the district and I found that most of the girls taking the exam are pregnant due to irresponsible parents,” Hajia Sulemana added.

She told the stakeholders that education in the West Mamprusi district is sinking and urged them to wake up from their slumber.

According to Hajia Sulemana, most stakeholders sit down unconcerned, because they don’t know their role. Performance in both the WASSCE and the BECE, the director said, is dwindling, especially in girl child education for the past four years.

The Programs Coordinator of ISODEC, Madam Agnes Ganda lamented over the continued marginalization of women, in spite of the roles they play in the society.

Women. she said. continue to play both their traditional and modern roles; productive, reproductive and community roles effectively and yet the impact is not much felt because the educated professionals and influential women are few.

Madam Ganda said the Tackling Education Needs inclusively (TENI) was a joint collaborative project that intends to promote and ensure girls enrollment, transition, retention and completion with good performance in the district.

The project Madam Ganda explained was to also to ensure that children with disabilities are enrolled in school and teaching and learning is made equal possible for them as a right.

ISODEC found that the barriers to girl child education in the the West Mamprusi district are kayaye, early marriage, and teenage pregnancy.

It is the hope of ISODEC that by-laws approved by the Chiefs and other opinion leaders in the district will will be push by the DCE for gazetting.

Shortage of midwives hits Walewale Hospital

midwife-imageAn acute shortage of midwives has hit the Walewale Government Hospital in the Northern Region.

A major health facility serving four districts in Mamprugu land, the Walewale Government Hospital, can boast of only 14 midwives.

This, according to the Medical Superintendent, Dr. Abukari Abdulai, is affecting health care delivery.

Dr. Abukari Abdulai thus supported calls for the establishment of a Midwifery School in Mamprugu land.

He spoke at the official inauguration of a bipartisan group called Mamprugu Zaabuni for development where he appealed to parents to religiously teach sex education at home.

He also called for deeper collaboration between the hospital management and development partners.

Dr. Abukari Abdulai commended leadership of the Mamprugu Zaabuni for development group for the vision and urged it to stay focused.

The West Mamprusi District topped the list of areas in the Northern Region where the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is high.

Yvonne Okoro commissions borehole in Wungu, Walewale


Actress Yvonne Okoro has commissioned a borehole to provide water for the people of Wungu, a community in Walewale, Northern Region.

The people of Wungu were faced with an age-old battle with water scarcity. Locals, particularly women and school children have had to walk for several kilometres in search of water every day.

When Yvonne Okoro got wind of the challenges facing the community, she decided to fund the drilling of a borehole to bring some relief to the people of Wungu.

‘I hope this project will go a long way to impact positively on the lives of the people of Wungu especially the children and women,” said the actress.

Yvonne Okoro paid a courtesy call on Dr Sagre Bambangi MP for Walewale and David Wuni, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the West Mamprusi District,  who assured the actress, the community will take a good care of the borehole.

DCE David Wuni who joined Ms Okoro in commissioning the borehole added, “I extend my sincere gratitude to you for deciding to come here. It is my responsibility as the DCE of the West Mamprusi District to provide water for the people and if you have come to provide water for the people, we are grateful”.

During her visit, the actress who was joined by her friend and TV personality Sandra Ankobiah also paid a courtesy call to the chief of Tamale, Naa Dakpena Alhassan as well as the chief of Wungu. She also visited some schools in the community to advise and encourage the school children.

West Mamprusi District Assembly confirms DCE

Assembly Members of the West Mamprusi District of the Northern Region on Thursday overwhelmingly voted to confirm Mr David Wuni, the president’s nominee for the position of District Chief Executive (DCE) for the area.

All 41 Member Assembly voted in favour of the nominee, which gives him an overwhelming 100 per cent confirmation, the first to secure such votes since the creation of the assembly.dce1

The same Assembly in November last year voted to reject Mr Alidu Iddrisu Zakari, an earlier nominee, who failed to secure the necessary votes, which could give him a second chance of consideration.

Alhaji Limuna Mohammed-Muniru, Northern Regional Minister commended the assembly members for their sense of purpose and assured that the district would receive the needed development that it deserved.

He said, ‘I am happy and I know President Mahama would be happy the way you have accepted his nominee in one voice and I am assuring you on behalf of the President that development would never elude any part of the country including this district’.

He said it was important for assembly members to remain united and chart a common path of development to fight hunger, disease and poverty, which were enemies of progress.

Mr David Wuni, the DCE thanked President Mahama for nominating him and also the Assembly Members for their acceptance and assured that he would work harder to justify the confidence reposed in him.

He appealed to Assembly Members to exhibit the love, wisdom and the togetherness that led to his overwhelming endorsement in all spheres of their dealings and activities to ensure that the development agenda of the area was carried forward.

‘Let us desist from acts that would derail the development process of the assembly and come together as one family devoid of political affiliation to transform the area especially in areas of education, health, sanitation and agriculture’, he advised.

Mr Wuni, who is a 40-year-old teacher at the Kalpohin Senior High School, in Tamale, said he would run an open door administration to ensure that everyone was part of the development process, saying, ‘In this way if I fail I take the blame and if I succeed the assembly takes the credit’.

The election was supervised by officials from the Electoral Commission.


There really is no ‘best’ time to visit Ghana, as the temperature is always Africa-hot and if rainfall doesn’t soak you, then the humid air will. If you prefer your soaking tropical in nature, stick close to the beaches. Whatever the season, the weather gets more arid the farther inland you go. Village-specific festivals and events occur throughout the year.


Travel documents and visas: A passport and a visa are required. All visitors to Ghana must posses valid passports issued by their home governments, except nationals of any member country of the ECOWAS who may produce travel certificates in lieu of passports. All non-ECOWAS citizens require visas at a fee before entry.

Ghana Missions and Embassies are authorised to issue visas or entry permits to all classes of visitors destined to Ghana. Where no Ghanaian mission has been established, the visitors may apply directly or through his/her Ghanaian associate at least two weeks before the visit from Ghana Investment Promotion Centre.

Immunisition/Vaccination: Evidence of immunisation for yellow fever and cholera is also required. It is strongly recommended to contact your health official at least 4-6 weeks prior to travel for vaccinations.
Yellow fever: A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from all travelers when entering Ghana.
Malaria:  Malaria risk is predominantly in the malignant (P.falciparum) form, and exists throughout the year in the whole country. It is advisable to take a course of antimarials which will protect you against malaria during your trip. Speak to your doctor at least two weeks before travelling. Remember: the best protection against malaria is avoiding being bitten, so cover up, especially at night, and use repellent.

VAT & SALES TAX: The VAT (Value-Added-Tax) has just been introduced in Ghana. It is 12.5% and not refundable. Note: Always ask to see a vendor’s VAT certificate; he/she must have it and willingly show it. Unscrupulous dealers will casually add a higher percentage and pocket the profit.

CURRENCY: This is called the Ghana Cedi (GHS) which comes in denominations of GHS1, GHS5, GHS10, GHS20 AND GHS50. Coins, called pesewas, come in 1p, 5p, 10p 20p and 50p coins – GHS1 also comes in coin as well as note form. There is no restriction on the amount of foreign currency you may bring into Ghana. This must, however, be stated on the currency declaration form. Leaving Ghana, you may not carry more than USD10,000

FOREIGN EXCHANGE BUREAU: Foreign currency can be freely exchanged at any forex in the country. There are several foreign exchange bureaus (Forex) in all the major towns and cities, but many outside Accra may not accept travelers cheques except the banks. Forex bureaus tend to give better rates for large-denomination bills than banks normally do. The best exchange rates are for US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds.
Most travellers cheques exchanged, but the rate is lower than cash. Private foreign-exchange (Forex) offices have better rates and hours. How many cedis you get for your foreign currency: Currency Rates

CREDIT CARDS: Some hotels and restaurants take major international credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Barclays Bank in Accra will advance Ghanaian money on Visa and MasterCard, minus a commission and a fee for the approval telex. If you have a US card, you will probably have to pay for two exchange rates, US$ to Pound Sterling to Cedis. Not all forex bureaus accept travelers cheques.

BANKING HOURS: Banks open from 8.30am to 4.30pm on weekdays and until 12pm on Saturdays although this may vary from bank to bank. However, most banks now operate Automatic Teller Machines (ATM). For cash advances, Barclays Bank accepts VISA and MasterCard.

AIRPORT & TRANSPORT: Kotoka Airport (7km from the centre), shared minibuses (tro-tro), taxi. Make sure you take an airport-registered taxi from the taxi rank. They have ID cards and price lists and are much safer than ‘roaming’ taxis which illegally patrol the airport looking for hires. Such taxis have been involved in cases of theft and assault. Trotros are available from the main road outside the airport but are generally not regarded as a safe mode of transport.

TELEPHONE: It is easy to obtain a mobile phone chip from any of the many mobile phone kiosks around the city if you wish to use a local network to make international and domestic calls. Just look out for coloured umbrellas emblazoned with the names of the various mobile phone providers: MTN, Airtel, Expresso, Glo, Tigo and Vodafone. Public telephone booths are not common. You will be able to make international calls from most major hotels.

MEDICAL FACILITIES: Medical facilities in Ghana are limited, particularly outside the capital of Accra. Malaria is common, as are other tropical diseases. Doctors and hospitals often request immediate cash payment for health services. There are no effective emergency services, so getting an ambulance is difficult. The West African Rescue Service offers a private ambulance service but you must be a member.

PHOTO PRINTING: There are several photo laboratories in the city of Accra well equipped to develop and give you high quality photo prints of your memories of Ghana. They have a good reputation for handling both professional photos and safari snapshots. Open Monday-Friday 8.30 am-5.30 pm, Saturday 8.30 am to 1 pm. The most popular in Accra include Flash Photos at Danquah Circle-Osu, Photo Lab (close to Papaye Fast Foods) at Osu and Modern Photos near the KwameNkrumah Circle. There are also photo studios at the Marina, Accra and A&C shopping malls.

Armed robberies are on the increase and both the US and British Embassies changed their travel advice in March 2013 to warn visitors of such crimes. There have been isolated tribal clashes since the beginning of 2013 in the Northern and Volta regions of the country.

OTHER: Visitors entering Ghana with more than USD10,000 in cash are required to declare the amount upon entry into Ghana. Currency exchange is available at most banks and at licensed foreign exchange bureaus. Currency transactions with private citizens are illegal.

The Government of Ghana maintains strict regulations on the import and export of gold, diamonds, and other precious natural resources. Only agents licensed by the Precious Minerals Marketing Company (0302 664579) may handle import/export transactions of these natural resources. Any transaction lacking the Commission’s endorsement may be illegal and/or fraudulent. Attempts to evade regulations are punishable by prison terms.

In rare instances, visitors arriving in Ghana with sophisticated electronic equipment (video cameras and laptop computers) may have to deposit 17.5 per cent of the item’s value with the Customs and Excise office at the airport. To get the deposit refunded, visitors must apply to the Customs and Excise Office in central Accra 48 hours before departure.

It is illegal to wear military or camouflage clothing.

PHOTOGRAPHY RESTRICTIONS: Photography of sensitive installations, including military sites, government buildings, and Accra’s International Airport, is prohibited. Permission should also be obtained before taking photographs of anyone in uniform (police officers and military officers, for example). In some instances, film and cameras have been confiscated.

DUAL NATIONALITY: As of July 2002 the Government of Ghana now permits dual nationality.


A thesis is specific paragraph or perhaps sentence that gives an outline with the strategy you want to generate around the thesis, also with the assistant substantiation you propose to try to stand by that declare.

What is definitely the best thesis? It is usually uncomplicatedly distinctive for it can be undoubtedly identifies the material belonging to the paper main section. It’s restricted, what’s more for that valid reason it brings aim towards the most important issue within the essay. It is actually an assertion considering that it insists with a particular problem additionally demonstrates the power belonging to the primary argument. It will be particular considering that it’s the impression which is comprehensively justified around the body of your essay.


How would you compose a top notch thesis assert? Prior to wording a thesis, take care of what kind of textual content you might be carrying out. Now you will have to compose your thesis assertion. Most commonly, a thesis declare is regarded as a method to a concern. When you’ve the topic, craft quite possible resolutions. Making use of the listing of the way out you’ve got composed, choose only one reply to which you, the author, feeling you can speak about greatest inside of your paper. As soon as you’ve got picked the main function, you may really have to go with the reasons for the assumed inside the leading way solutions your issue.


Usually incredible thesis understand three explanations by which way the aim resolves your matter, however you’re able to include in two or maybe more issues dependant upon just how much data you’ve got and in addition how many individual paragraphs you will make.
Over the circumstance that you’re going to unearth it difficult to suppose up a thesis immediately, you ought to assume undertaking the initial draft of your respective essay largely after which it’s possible to produce the thesis when you might be concluded together with your sketch.

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