Integrated Social Development Centre plays lots of rolls in educational delivery.  They operate under four (4) goals on the Tackling Educational Needs Inclusively (TENI) project. The goals include improving enrolment, retention, Transition and completion of children especially girls and Children with Disabilities (CWDs).

ISODEC is currently working with 10 selected schools in the West Mamprusi Education directorate .The schools are listed below

1.Arigu D/A Primary/JHS

2.Wulugu Ranch Primary/JHS School

3.Guabuliga St. Michael Primary/JHS

4.Mimima D/A Primary/JHS School

5.Sagadugu D/A Primary/JHS School

6.Bugya D/A Primary/JHS

7.Loagri-Kukua D/APrimary/JHS

8.Zangu-vuga Primary/JHS

9.Zua D/A Primary/JHS

10.Kuyisiga D/A Primary/JHS