Phonics by Phone

The Phonics By Phone project provides support to teachers in Ghana to use phonics to teach reading. As the name makes clear, this support will be available to teachers on their own mobile phones. Not just on the latest all-singing, all-dancing, app-enabled android phones – but on the standard feature phones that are all most teachers’ budgets allow for.


Phonics Ghana has set up a website that is mobile-optimised and fully accessible from a range of phones. is designed and hosted by the Every1mobile team. This site gives teachers access to a library of teaching units in audio format, that can be easily downloaded onto a phone.  Together these units form a complete training course for teachers in the use of phonics – the technique proven to be the best way to teach every child in every class to read.


In addition to this the Phonics Ghana team are based in the West Mamprusi District and, with the support and blessing of the Regional Director of Education, Alhaji Mohammed Haroon, will carry out a series of face-to-face training for basic school teachers across the Northern Region.  This training will enable teachers not only to utilize phonics in their teaching of reading but to carry out detailed assessments of pupils’ reading skills.  For more information go to the phonicsghana website here.